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6 Insider Tips To Skyrocket Your Confidence

Confidence is what everyone, whether they admit it or not strives for. Confidence is the key to bringing and accepting challenges, love, new adventures, happiness, and more into your life. However, many of us struggle to love ourselves and have the confidence to speak our opinions in a crowded room. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that my mindset shifted, and it was the first step to gaining the confidence I have now.

Let’s dive into these quintessential confidence-building steps that will skyrocket your confidence and make you feel like the ultimate badass in the room.

1. Rethink What Confidence Is To You

What is your goal for growing your confidence, the finish line, so to speak, which you would want to become one day?

Each person has a unique perspective of what confidence is to them, take some time to discover what yours is. Take inspiration from confident women around the world, make a vision board, research the traits that make those people confident, and try emulating those traits to see if they work for you too.

The goal is to encourage your self-confidence to grow but not to change.

2. Praise Yourself The Way You To Others

It's important to take pride in who you are and what you accomplished. When I was struggling with my confidence I would stand in front of a mirror and take a close look at myself and force myself to say positive compliments about myself, what I achieved, what I went through and overcame, my physical appearance, and my personality. As simple as this may sound it was a big step in pushing my confidence to the next level once I believed and was happy to do the exercise. Remember to say the statements out loud with conviction! It's more about seeing how great you are without having to need compliments or acceptance from others.

3. Give Yourself Love & Pamper Yourself

Me time is important for your mental health, physical health, and finding balance in your life. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing make time in your day or week to ensure you make time for it. It's a great feeling to make time for what makes you happy, and gaining confidence comes down to allowing yourself to be first. So put on that movie and get your favorite bottle of wine because it's time to set at least thirty minutes a day for yourself, even if you are busy you deserve it!

4. Gain New Hobbies & Skills

5. Push Yourself Outside Your Comfort Zone

True change comes from pushing yourself and trying new things, unfortunately, staying at your comfort level doesn't push you to become the person you wish you could be. Take small steps to push yourself from joining a dance class, or talking to someone new, and figure out where you could take that leap.

It won't be easy but it will be rewarding.

6. Tune Out The Haters

At the end of the day, no one is focusing on your mistakes, awkward moments, or crazy hair day. People are so wrapped up in their own woes that all of our worries about fitting in are more of an internal affair rather than an external one.

Focus on loving yourself, pushing yourself, and making small steps to self-love and total confidence.

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